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Form friction! Chiangrai 0-2 unbeaten run of the uFABET game.


The Toyota Thai Football League season 2018 match 29 Sing Chiang Rai United team 6th place home stadium Singh Stadium meet with the Port FC team on Wednesday, September 12, 2018.

Start the game just 4 minutes, Chiang Rai came to the door quickly led by the tempo Suri Sing Mui opened the ball to Pativat Sukit Thamkul. Fill up the full shot. The ball hit the goalkeeper before the 1-0 lead.

In the 27th minute, the harbor was in the spot where Kim Seung Hwan got a chance to shoot in the penalty area. But the ball fell out to end the first half. Chiang Rai United lead the FC Port 1-0.

The second half is also fun. And Chiang Rai sent heavy weapons like Bill Cyrarar to substitute Amaranth Hi in 57 minutes.

62 minutes into the harbor. Almost came the rivalry. From the shot shot of Nuri Srijanet, but the ball went to Chatchai.

The game will have no additional doors, but the injury to become Bill Roxar, who shot the door to the box to help Chiang Rai United beat the FC to 2-0, adding to 48 points. FC has not won five consecutive games and has 49 points.

List of players of both teams.
Singha Chiangrai United - Chatchai Boonprom, Piyapol Panichakul, Victor Gardezo, Pativat Suksitthakul, Eung Rattana, Akkarawat Sawasdee, Chaiwat Buranas, Suriya Sing Mui, Saravut Indy, Chin Lee
Elijah, Sergio Suarez, Kim Seung Hwan, Adisorn Dangruang, Sivakorn Opakwatana, David Rocha, Drake Boskovic, Nuri Srijanet, Nitipong Sullanont, Kevin Dumrung

Scared the other team scrambled! Arsenal signed a "9-year-old boy" to join forces.


"Arsenal" Arsenal in the English Premier League club signed a contract to grab a teenager Jay Aditya, just 9 years old to become a youth player in the club. I was impressed with the pace during the training session with the club during the past 5 weeks.

John Aditina, father, posted a picture of a good boy on Twitter while wearing an Arsenal shirt. While signing a new contract. With text "My young son has moved to the club."

The 9 year old was born in Nigeria. Before moving to live in England. He is a fan of Arsenal, who previously moved to live in South Africa to play for Super Sports United Socket School.

The cause of the move to the London team. Because of the scout's scout. To see the form playing South Africa. Before persuading the youngsters to practice with the team for 5 weeks before impressing the coaches of the youth team very much.

The side of the jay. Interview with The Sun Media as the good people. "I thank God, my parents, I am very happy. He has been practicing with the team three times a week. There are also ufabet games to play every week. It is very incredible. The team has moved to the heart of Arsenal. I promise I will work hard to get into the big one. "